How to select DEC box

We provide a full spectrum of DEC boxes to meet all your requirements. You may select the right products based on the following criteria:
  1. Size of main power supply.
  2. Quantity of EV chargers to be installed.
  3. Quantity of 2-pole breaker slots available in your panel.
  4. Building types: Single dwelling or apartment/suite.
DEC Box Type Main Power Supply # of EV Chargers to Be Installed # of 2-Pole Breaker Slot Needed Note
1 DEC-201 <= 200A
2 DEC-202 >=100A & <=200A 2 2
3 DEC-S201 <= 200A 0
4 DEC-S202 >=100A & <=200A 2 0
5 DEC-SA101 <= 100A 1/Suite 0 *
6 DEC-X1 Any 1 0
7 DEC-X202 <= 200A 2 1

* DEC-SA101 is designed for a situation that a condo building allows more than one suite to have their own car charger installed in Parkade. Each DEC-SA101 box allows two suites to have one car charger installed per suite. 

† DEC-X1 is designed for a situation that homeowners want to use an existing 2-pole appliance circuit (e.g. Range, Dryer or any other 2-pole circuits) for their car charger. The car charger will be switched off automatically whenever the appliance is using and will be switched back on when the appliance is turned off. Caution: Do not choose this type if there isn’t a pre-existing 2-pole appliance circuit (up to 50A) in the panel.

‡ DEC-X202 are designed for a situation that homeowners want to add two (2x) car charger circuits to the same panel and decide to attach one car charger to an existing 2-pole appliance circuit.